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本文摘要:The gleaming metal and glass 5G laboratory being assembled on a campus at the University of Surrey, a few miles outside Guildford, speaks to British ambitions when it comes to building the next generation of mobile internet technology.英国小镇


The gleaming metal and glass 5G laboratory being assembled on a campus at the University of Surrey, a few miles outside Guildford, speaks to British ambitions when it comes to building the next generation of mobile internet technology.英国小镇吉尔福德(Guildford)郊外几英里处,萨里大学(University of Surrey)的校园里,人们正在装配一座由金属和玻璃修建的5G实验室。这所亮闪闪的实验室充份突显出有英国研发下一代移动互联网技术的雄心。While many mobile phone users are only just upgrading to faster 4G networks, telecoms equipment providers are looking ahead to the next generation of mobile internet technology.很多手机用户才刚升级到速度更慢的4G网络,电信设备供应商早已在未来发展下一代移动互联网技术了。

Yet companies such as Vodafone and BT have not given the university funding to develop the technologies out of scholarly love. They are commercial partners that have bought a stake in any future profits generated by the centre as well as the chance to use the technology.沃达丰(Vodafone)、英国电信(BT)等公司向萨里大学获取5G技术研发资金并非出于学术嗜好。作为商业伙伴,它们投放资金是为了将来在该实验室产生的任何盈利中分一杯羹,同时也取得用于新技术的机会。They are not the only companies racing to develop 5G. Labs run by Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung are working flat out to produce the precious global patents that will underpin the future of mobile connectivity. Most hope to have some form of the technology in testing by 2018.竞相研发5G技术的不只这些公司。华为(Huawei)、爱立信(Ericsson)、诺基亚(Nokia)和三星(Samsung)等公司的实验室也在全力研发宝贵的与5G涉及的全球专利技术,这些技术将承托移动相连的未来。

大多数公司期望2018年能测试某种5G技术。But while previous generations of mobile have been about making the internet faster, 5G will go one step further, according to Professor Rahim Tafazolli, head of 5G research at the University of Surrey. He says that it is expected to make the internet fast enough to make possible a whole host of new applications, from connected vehicles to the connective devices that will enable the internet of things. “5G will be the start of a new way to think about communications,” says Prof Tafazolli.萨里大学5G研究负责人拉希姆塔法佐利(Rahim Tafazolli)教授回应,前几代移动技术侧重更慢的互联网速度,而5G技术将更进一步。他说道,5G技术预计将使互联网速度深感减缓,使一系列新的应用于沦为有可能,从联网汽车到可相连设备等让物联网显得不切实际的事物。“5G将使人们以新的方式来思维通信,”塔法佐利教授说道。

Ericsson believes there will be up to 50bn connected devices globally by 2022, when the technology is expected to start being rolled out commercially. The implications are profound.爱立信指出,到2022年,全球可相连设备将多达500亿部,那时5G技术未来将会投放商业应用于。其意义将是深远影响的。Imagine, for example, a self-driving car that relied on a steady but constant stream of information beamed via the internet to operate. Unless the infrastructure that enabled connectivity was robust enough to allow information to be accessed all the time, it would be impossible for the car to work.比如,我们可以想象一辆自动驾驶汽车,依赖互联网发送到的持续、平稳的信息流来运营。

除非基础设施需要获取十分可信的相连,确保信息需要随时加载,否则这辆车是不有可能长时间工作的。Network technology tends to evolve every 10 years. The first generation cellular network was launched in the 1980s and supported voice services only. It drove early mobile phone adoption but was problematic, with eavesdropping and cloning common. Using a phone abroad was impossible.网络技术一般来说每10年演进一次。



当时在国外用于手机也是不有可能的。In the 1990s, 2G became widespread and was able to support far more users and was more secure. This allowed the sending of “text messages”, and consumers were able to roam outside of their home country.到了上世纪90年代,2G显得普及,需要反对近少于过去的用户,通话也更为安全性。

2G技术支持发送到“短信”,用户可以在本国之外漫游通话。The early 2000s saw the emergence of 3G, which supported high-speed data services as consumers increasingly began using broadband and the internet on mobile devices. A new breed of smartphone, capable of supporting video and mobile television, was born. From 2010, 4G allowed operators to use spectrum more efficiently, which meant the speed of accessing mobile data were about 10 times faster than 3G.21世纪初经常出现的3G技术,反对高速数据服务,让消费者开始更加多地在移动设备上用于宽带和互联网。反对视频和移动电视服务的新型智能手机于是问世。从2010年开始,4G技术让运营商需要更加高效地利用频谱,使得采访移动数据的速度比3G慢10倍左右。

The next generation will be about more than the mobile phone. It will be about providing connectivity over the airwaves to billions of devices that in future will require access to the internet, ranging from driverless cars to smart cities.下一代技术将某种程度应用于在手机上,而且还将为数以十亿计、未来必须终端网络的设备——从无人驾驶汽车到智能城市设施——获取无线连接。





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